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A Cake in Honor of the Nation’s Creepy Clowns

Creepy Clown Cake

I hope I don’t lose followers because of this, but it is NEWS people! Creepy clowns are plaguing the nation. This is quite possibly the most absurd bit of news I’ve ever heard (although let’s be real, nothing can compete with this election.)

If you haven’t heard yet, this all began in Greenville, North Carolina. Police received reports of creepy clowns supposedly standing at the edge of the woods, attempting to lure children in. Whether or not these reports were truthful, we have no way of knowing. However, the important part is these police reports made national news. That national news presumably inspired others across the country to dress up as clowns. Who are you people?!

Clown Smile

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Decadent Red Wine Hot Chocolate

What are the two greatest indulgences? Wine and chocolate. You can try to argue, but I wouldn’t. These two treats are possibly the greatest gifts to bless the earth.

Since wine is a gift straight from the gods, it makes sense that we have an official day dedicated to red wine alone- and it’s today! Happy Red Wine Day!** If you didn’t know about this holiday, I’m happy to be the one to share the news. You now have, on your calendar, and excuse to drink today (not that you needed one.)

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